[Solved] Import style presets to .vue-files?

I’m using @akryum’s vue-component and vue-stylus.
In my /client folder I’ve got a file called presets.styl that has a list of preset variables, like named colors.
In my stylus-files I can @import presets to use the presets. However, when I try the same in the <style> tag of a .vue file, the compiler says failed to locate @import file presets.styl.
I’ve tried all combinations of slashes, dots and /client/ before the name, but it can’t seem to find it.

Edit: Lol ok now it works, the answer was apparantly @import '../../presets'. Seems like you can’t “go to root” (like "/presets") in Stylus imports?

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You can also use @import '~imports/client/preset'.

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Ahaa, so that’s how you do it! Thank’s for helping me get to the root of the isse :wink:


hello…new here…I`m using vuetify with vue and getting same problem with presets…As meteor run meteor command instead ‘npm run dev’ as do vue…Where can I import sass variables file in meteor to change styles?