[SOLVED]In Spacebars README - Reactivity Model for Each


In “Reactivity Model for Each” section of Spacebars README, it is written as

1. For objects with an _id field, use that field as the identification key

2. For objects with no _id field, use the array index as the identification key. In this case, appends are fast but prepends are slower.

3. For numbers or strings, use their value as the identification key.

If I provide _id field, is it used as identification key
automatically ? or should I control the feature by myself?

I’m not living in English-speaking world, so I cannot fully understand how “use” is translated to (a declarative sentence or imperative sentence). Please help me… :sob:


Yes! At least that’s how I read it.


Thank you @Peppe_LG :slight_smile: !!