[SOLVED] Infinite redirect loops on Galaxy

I’m seeing this come up when I try to visit my app:

I have the Galaxy container set to force HTTPS, and I do not have the Meteor force-ssl package installed. In fact, I have another container set up this exact same way with the same codebase, and it works fine. Anyone have any ideas?

Are you using cloud flare? I had this problem using cloudflare with wrong redirect configuration.

I am indeed. Though I have another deployment (same codebase, but different domain) using CloudFlare and it’s fine. What was the redirect configuration that was wrong?

It may be the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), if I recall correctly. In my settings it is disabled.

Hmm, that option is already disabled on this domain.

Got it! SSL mode was set to “Flexible” - it has to be “Full” or higher.


Cool, that solved my problem too. Wondering why we can’t use the Flexible option