[SOLVED] Install specific Aldeed autoform version


Hy there,

I’m having some issues with the aldeed auto-form package. I actually want to auto-generate my forms with theses 3 packages :


Perhaps, when i put theses packages into the packages file, i’m having theses logs :

Changes to your project's package version selections:

aldeed:simple-schema  added, version 1.5.4
mdg:validation-error  added, version 0.2.0

This is problematic, he do not install the right version of this package, which seems to work only in 1.4.3 version. I don’t know what to do…

With this version, the auto-generated form give me this :

[object Object]

[object Object]

[object Object]

Any help would be very nice !

Thanks a lot Meteor community :smile:

Edit: I’ve upgraded meteor and installed the latest babel runtime version, it makes it works ! I dont know why :slight_smile: Solved.