[SOLVED] Installing Meteor under Windows 11

On a Windows 11 PC I installed npm. When I call npm install -g meteor the installation process apparently stops after completing reify:7zip-bin.
I tested this in a cmd with admin rights and in a Powershell with admin rights and execution policy set to RemoteSigned.
Correction: The process completed after a longer wait - no further help needed for this.

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without wait:

I know it is solved… but

Did you ensure you are using Node.js version >= 10 and <= 14?

this was my issue…


Prerequisites and useful information

  • If you are on a Mac M1 (Arm64 version) you need to have Rosetta 2 installed, as Meteor uses it for running MongoDB. Check how to install it here
  • Meteor requires Node.js version >= 10 and <= 14 installed for running the npm installer (tip: you can use nvm for managing node versions).
  • Meteor supports Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 and up.
  • Disabling antivirus (Windows Defender, etc.) will improve performance.
  • For compatibility, Linux binaries are built with CentOS 6.4 i386/amd64.
  • iOS development requires the latest Xcode.
  • Do not install meteor npm in your project’s package.json by any means, the npm library is only an installer.
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