[solved] IOS 12 restrictions stop app from working


We develop web/ios/android app for our client. Their employees has some IOS 12 devices where they whitelist allowed sites. Our backend for app is working over http (not httpS). They report that even adding all the addresses we provide to them is not enough and app looses connectivity to backend.

I’m now trying to acquire access to some ios 12 devices to check that out, but i don’t have a one at hand. Does anybody has any experience/problems with a setup like this?


I’ve seen that you add http/https scheme to whitelisted sites in Restrictions -> Websites. What about websocket connections?


OK, looks like just adding http://localhost:12880 to allowed sites works. This is internal address of local webserver? where app resides for a WebView. All other connections work like a charm, maybe because they are done not by a webview.

This problem was and is very mystic to me. If anybody has any knowledge or experience about those matters, please, share.