Hey all!

I am not sure if this is an iOS Emulator issue, Meteor issue, or the fact that I used Svelte but I am getting an error when trying to view my application in the iOS simulator:

Errors executing Cordova commands:
   While running Cordova app for platform iOS with options --buildConfig,<local-app-folder>/.meteor/local/cordova-build/build.json,--emulator:
   SyntaxError: Unexpected token I in JSON at position 0

This is my first try at using the simulator with Meteor, so I am not totally sure where to begin debugging.

Here is the command I ran:

meteor run ios --settings settings-development.json

The app runs fine is just localhost:3000. Happy to provide any other details needed! Thanks all!

Try passing --verbose flag. It might provide more logs about the crash.


Well strangely, I restarted my MAC and ran the simulator with this command and magically it seems to have fired up. There are still issues, but I will address them in a new post.