[SOLVED] Iron Router Path "/settings/account" won't load


I named a route path “settings/account” and it takes forever to load. I wonder what the problem is?

Here’s my code:

Router.route('/settings/account' {
   name: 'settingsAccount',
   controller: 'SettingsController',
   action: 'account',
   where: 'client'

And my controller code:

SettingsController = RouteController.extend({
  layoutTemplate: 'MainLayout',
  main: function () {
  account: function () {

It takes forever to load ‘settings/account’ but not ‘settings/’. Can anyone please help? Thanks!

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Are you subscribing to a collection anywhere in your router?

Nope, I created the route for the sake of testing.

So, it seems like IR doesn’t allow route like this:


IR allows routes like this:


So, to validate this, I created another app called HelloWorld with two routes named:


and both worked.

[SOLVED] I removed loneleeandroo:polymerize and everything got solved!