[solved] IronRouter: Get data from parent

Hi all!
please, do not scold me for oldschool IronRouter technology :slight_smile:
I have main layout with yield regions

  let self = this;
  self.catReady = new ReactiveVar(false);
      self.autorun(() => {
      let catReady = self.subscribe('categories');
      self.catReady.set( catReady.ready() );

and want get data in child from parent with:
{{>yield region='adminTop' ReactiveVar=../catReady}}
look it in child:

  let self = this;
// {region: "adminTop", ReactiveVar: null}

is it correct way?

I just wanted to remove redundant subscriptions, and solved problem:
i just add
in routes,
and removed multiply confluenced subscriptions in child templates in yield zones.
After that data from parent subscription, declared in route, became available in childs,
thanx all :slight_smile: