(Solved) Is it possible to authorize multiple account services?


I’ve been toying with the Facebook and twitter packages trying to gain the ability to login to the site and authorize both services. This doesn’t have to be a one button operation but say you login using Facebook and then grab a token for twitter. The idea being to post to both services from the site. Has anyone done this with Meteor?


I posted this question too quickly. A little better searching and I found a couple oauth packages that help me with this. If I could remove this I would :smile:


What oauth packages d you use? I cant get any to work. :frowning:


Actually I was wrong I never solved it. I thought I had and then just moved on to another side project. I still can’t seem to get it working. Accounts meld or merge just doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. I think i just need to interrupt the login method meteor fires when someone logs in with an external service and just haven’t had time to really attack this. I’ve see a ton of apps do it since I posted this though so it shouldn’t be that hard :sob:


I’m curious about Auth0, on the one hand I would prefer an open source solution, but it seems pretty nice and easy to use… I’m wondering if other people have tried it and if there’s any downsides to using a third-party authentication system like auth0.


@seifip did you end up using Auth0 with your Meteor app?


Actually I’m interested if that worked out for you as well @seifip. I never did get back on that project but have a similar requirement coming up shortly where I’m going to have to tackle the multiple authentications again.