[Solved] Is there a maintained fork of Picker?

I want to enhance my app with SEO and found an excellent blog post which is recommending Picker for SSR. Unfortunately, Picker is “yet another cool Arunoda package” that hasn’t been maintained since over two years, as Arunoda has left the community:

Betting on such a package is a bit risky. Thus, I am wondering if anyone already picked up Picker and is working on a maintained fork?

Check out the forks, a few people have adding code since the last official commit https://github.com/meteorhacks/picker/network

Thanks. But I was wondering if there’s an actively maintained fork with some kind of “commitment” to continue work on Picker. If that exists, of course.

Depending on your use case, it may be easier to just build out using webapp. Like you, my faith in continued support of picker started to wane. We implement only a small bit of SSR right now, to serve html to bots for our most commonly shared/indexed pages, but it was pretty easy.


@vigorwebsolutions Thanks for your suggestion. Yeah, a long time ago skinnygeek mentioned that he tries to avoid community packages as much as possible. Now I know what he meant.

As a side-effect, your comment made me look into the source code of Picker, to see how it handles webapp internally. The Picker code is so simple, that I came to the conclusion it wouldn’t been super hard to fork and adapt it should the code ever break at some point of time. So I’ll probably go for it now (or cherry-pick some of Picker’s code to build my own SSR router).

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Exactly. Seems to me that Picker handles a few common use cases, like wrapping your callbacks in a fiber, but overall is just a basic wrapper for lower level calls. I’ve found your strategy to be helpful also – literally copypasta the core functionality you need into your own module and skip the package bloat whenever possible.


@waldgeist I ran into the same problem. Webapp is a good choice, also look at Expressjs