[SOLVED] Is there a way to minify part of a project

Hi all i have a question. is there a way to minify part of a project so that a contract developer working on our code base only has access to the parts they need and the other parts are protected from the contract programmers seeing them?

thanks in advance

Not sure if this helps but you can run an entire Meteor app no matter how large or complex with only Meteor and NPM packages. You could have someone working on a package and somebody else working on another package.
You can check this project which has been slowly moved from Meteor into 4 different parts and you might like the “plugins” concept: https://mailchimp.com/developer/open-commerce/docs/fundamentals/#development-platform

no im really looking for a way i can take parts of the code base, and do something to them so another developer cannot see how they work or what is in them but they still function.

also i do not want to rewrite a quarter of a million lines of code to do that

That’s uncharted territory as Meteor wasn’t created with such a scenario in mind.

With that said, you would obviously need to establish a separate git repo specifically for the contract developer. This would contain

  • parts of your project that the contractor needs to be able to see and study
  • all the other parts of your existing project in a minified fashion
  • the contractor’s contributions

There are numerous js minifier npm packages around, check out which one works for you best.

The potentially nightmarish part is where you’ll need to constantly merge branches of your original git repo and the contractor’s git repo in both directions as development progresses.

heh well it could be worse i could be merging all this work with cvs 20 years ago lol…