[Solved-ish] Mobile APK is 160 megs, what do I do now? Google max is 100mb


My app is actually a video game, www.StarCommanderOnline.com.

The second you hit, it downloads ALL images from /public, where I am storing images.

When compiled for Android, the APK is 160 megs, it has ALL images.

This is a video game, the image of the sun is 2mb. Here’s why:

So, my question is: What sort of file management can I switch to?


So… solution…

I’m going to use Cloudinary to manage my public images AS a CDN file manager.

So my image, like any CDN becomes www.mywebsite.com/img/hello.jpg and becomes www.cdn.cloudinary.com/mywebsite/img/hello.jpg

The benefit of Cloudinary, is that I can HOST my images there with a file manager, versus something like cloudflare that only hosts images that are part of my app.

<3 Cloudinary


Note: I cleaned up 77mb. App should be about 60mb now.