[Solved-ish] Mobile APK is 160 megs, what do I do now? Google max is 100mb

My app is actually a video game, www.StarCommanderOnline.com.

The second you hit, it downloads ALL images from /public, where I am storing images.

When compiled for Android, the APK is 160 megs, it has ALL images.

This is a video game, the image of the sun is 2mb. Here’s why:

So, my question is: What sort of file management can I switch to?

So… solution…

I’m going to use Cloudinary to manage my public images AS a CDN file manager.

So my image, like any CDN becomes www.mywebsite.com/img/hello.jpg and becomes www.cdn.cloudinary.com/mywebsite/img/hello.jpg

The benefit of Cloudinary, is that I can HOST my images there with a file manager, versus something like cloudflare that only hosts images that are part of my app.

<3 Cloudinary

Note: I cleaned up 77mb. App should be about 60mb now.

Good on you, well done for thinking of your users! My kids are always installing stupid games and apps which are HUGE. The McDonalds Monopoly app is 101 MB on Android, just to scan some tickets!

Ended up building my own CDN platform in the end hahah