[SOLVED] Issue present in production and not in staging using Galaxy/Codeship

We’re currently trying to find quite an odd bug which we can only reproduce in our production server (a Galaxy Pro container) but which does not happen in our staging server ( a regular Galaxy container ) . I would have expected it to be exactly the same ? They have slightly different settings but other than that they should be identical I figured.

I upgraded staging just now to a Pro container and the bug still isn’t present in staging.

We use Codeship to do our deployments and are now wondering if there’s some cache issues there.

Has anyone any insights into what could be happening?

We tracked it down in the end to being an issue with codeship’s cache. All sorted now. :grinning:

Are you having any issues now that Codeship switched to Bionic? I had to switch back to Trusty. They both build successfully but when I build with Bionic, I get a bunch of React errors on my app.