[SOLVED] - Javascript retrieving contents of an object

Hello everyone
how can i retrieve the contents of the corresponding object in the ‘initChp’ function

ObjChp =function(params){
    this.nom = null;
ObjChp.prototype.constructor =ObjChp;
ObjChp.prototype.initChp =function(chp){
           > get object content here

Thank you for your help

i recommend against using this old approach of creating state-full objects with prototype.

use either

  • classes and this
class Person {
   constructor(name) {
     this.name = name

  sayHello() {
    console.log(`hello ${this.name}`)
  • treat objects as immutable and use functions to handle these objects:
const person = {name: "Gaston"}`

const sayHello = (person) => console.log(`hello ${person.name}`)

pro tip: I also recommen to use typescript

Thank you for your reply.
I will actually use classes.
For typeScript, I will see that later. For this to be serious, it would be necessary to resume the whole application with typeScript.
thanks again