[SOLVED] Jquery asked twice (solution: yes, it is normal)

I created a --bare project (@1.9.2)
I’ve got 2 error messages: one asking for jquery npm, the other asking for jquery package.
Why is that ?

Blaze templates use jquery. The latest jquery@3.0.0 package relies on the jquery npm package.


Meteor with --bare doesn’t use Blaze or jQuery

I just tried creating a bare project and didn’t get any errors on the server or client.
Have you added Blaze yourself?

EDIT: For good measure I created a new blaze project with the default meteor create and also had no errors.
Already comes with blaze-html-templates, jquery@3.0.0 from atmosphere and "jquery": "^3.4.1" from npm


Yes, I had added blaze-html-templates by hand, I forgot to mention.
My question was answered by @jamgold . We need both as there is a dependency between the meteor package and the npm package. I thought it was strange, so I asked. But it is normal.
Thank you both.

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