SOLVED: Login with Facebook Help

I’m trying to use the built in facebook login that comes with accounts-facebook. I could log in with Facebook with localhost, but when I pushed the site live, it gives me this message:

My website is, what URI do I provide so facebook login works?

It should be

Also, from here:

Ensure that your $ROOT_URL matches the authorized domain and callback URL that you configure with the external service (for instance, if you are running Meteor behind a proxy server, $ROOT_URL should be the externally-accessible URL, not the URL inside your proxy).

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Thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately I’ve been trying that and it isn’t working. I should’ve been more clear in my initial ask. I’m attempting to use,, and Could it be a problem with how my app is registered on Facebook Developers?

Possibly - the redirect URI has to match exactly - including for example http vs https. It may be worth double checking these.

I’ll try that. One thing I’m concerned about is that I have to add “all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.” Does this mean I have to add every page on my website?

No - it’s the root domain that matters.

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This was the kicker. I had my root_url pointing to an older, test version of the site. Thank you so much!

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