[SOLVED] Lost trying to deploy to digital ocean

Finally got around to deploying to digital ocean and I can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

MUP says everything is great. But using the IP address I cannot get a connection to the droplet. I can ping it, I can SSH into it…but not browse to it. I followed the screencast closely but something is up. Is there any more detailed info out ther as to specific server setup for meteor deployment on Digial Ocean?

could you post your mup.json.

Here it is. Apologies if its not formatted for the forum correctly, pasting from a tablet.

// Server authentication info
"servers": [
    "host": "",
    "username": "superrootuser",
  "password": "XXXXXXXX!"
  // or pem file (ssh based authentication)
  //"pem": "~/.ssh/id_rsa"

// Install MongoDB in the server, does not   destroy local MongoDB on future setup
"setupMongo": true,

// WARNING: Node.js is required! Only skip if you already have Node.js installed on server.
"setupNode": true,

// WARNING: If nodeVersion omitted will setup 0.10.36 by default. Do not use v, only version number.
"nodeVersion": "0.10.36",

// Install PhantomJS in the server
"setupPhantom": true,

// Application name (No spaces)
"appName": "APP",

// Location of app (local directory)
"app": ".",

// Configure environment
"env": {
  "PORT": "3000", // The port you want to bind to on your server.
"UPSTART_UID": "meteoruser", // The user you want to run meteor as.
"ROOT_URL": "http://DOMAIN.com",
"MAIL_URL": "XXXXXXXXX0@smtp.mailgun.org:587"

// Meteor Up checks if the app comes online just after the deployment
// before mup checks that, it will wait for no. of seconds configured below
"deployCheckWaitTime": 15

A couple things I noticed. The first go around I for whatever reason had a bad version defined for Node so I went back to default. After that was resolved I was able to get meteor staryed but it’d soon error out and exit. I’m starting from a clean slate now, we’ll see how that goes.

maybe try changing the rool_url. also you are running the app on port 3000. so you have to do something like domain:3000.com

This was pure oversight on my part. Ive been dealing mainly with Plesk and this was my first time with DO. I didn’t understand right away that NOTHIN was installed. I got the domain setup and mapped to the proper port after installing nginx and using this article as a guide

Thanks for your time. Sometimes the answer is right under our nose! Next step spdy and tls1.2… On a quick side note:

If we are using nginx would pagespeed be of any use with a meteor app? I know a lot features are baked into meteor already but the image handlers may come in handy.