[ SOLVED ] Managing uploads for Meteor 1.3

Hello there.

I’m not used to post on forums for help but I have to admit to be stuck on this and I need your help.

It’s for managing uploads in general in Meteor, not on AWS or similar platforms but old fashioned local uploads.

I’m actually not able to guess which package I should use for my projects. I mean an up to date package that will allow me to do classic upload tasks such as :

  • simple or multiple files uploads
  • preview thumbnail or file info before upload
  • progress bar if needed

Tutorials I found are for previous meteor versions, AWS or deprecated packages.

So, please, do you guys (and girls) have a package to recommend or a tutorial explaining the process ?

ps : why is Meteor missing this type of feature out of the box ? Maybe it’s not a priority but it’s a daily task in web site / apps.

A massive thank you for the upcoming answers

I think this package covers all what you are looking for. Not using it currently because I haven’t had time to migrate yet.

Oh thanks, you made my day.

I managed to make it work. It’s quite straightforward. I’m now trying to make a “before upload” step with thumbnails or filemane that you can change or delete before sending file to the server.
I hope it’ll suit my needs on my future projects. I have to spend more time on it.


i use to manage cfs and the package of yogiben this packages with cfs:ui (and the another cfs packages like cfs:gridfs, or cfs:filename, and cfs:grapickmagcs) can upload (on local, on server i have a problems).
the display of images, i code manualy, i like see this with a presentation, animated, and another thinks

Oh yeah I saw that one but it’s the deprecated cfs that “scared” me. It looks very convenient but I want to be sure that it’s maintained and won’t have compatibility problems later.
Thank you for your reply!

cfs is scared, search me on facebook, and share my code. my name on facebook is levan lacroix, i am not a expert on meteor, but if do you need and example i have one

I manage local file upload. Might be this topic can help : This is How I manage file upload inside Meteor without 3rd party services

Slingshot is your friend: https://github.com/CulturalMe/meteor-slingshot

It does everything you’ve asked for there, and it’s easy to implement.

Oh thank you guys, I will definitely give a try to all these suggestions. I really appreciate!