[SOLVED] Material Tabs Indicator not working


Hi guys/girls,

I am new to using Meteor, so forgive me if my question might sound stupid :sweat_smile:

I added materialize:materialize and wanted to create Material Tabs, and the tabs are there but not the indicator !
FYI the indicator is the small line beneath the tabs, see http://materializecss.com/tabs.html

My html code is as follows :
<div class="row"> <ul class="tabs"> <li class="tab col s4"><a class="active" href="#Top">Top</a></li> <li class="tab col s4"><a href="#New">New</a></li> <li class="tab col s4"><a href="#Liked">Liked</a></li> </ul> </div>


Did you initialise the tabs?



Yeah, my mistake was putting the code on top of my html.
I put my script tag at the bottom and now it is working!