[SOLVED] Mdg:seo: How to whitelist/blacklist paths?

When I first implemented SEO with mdg:seo, I did not notice that would route all pages to prerender.io, which can get pretty costly.

So I looked at the documentation again and saw that the underlying npm package supports white- and blacklisting of paths. However, there is no documentation how I can setup this using mdg:seo. I tried to do it like this:

import { PrerenderIO } from 'meteor/mdg:seo';


but it did not work. I guess it is because this has to configured before the middleware is bound to Express.

In the issues of the package, I saw that this question has been raised back in 2016 (!) and hasn’t been answered yet. I can’t believe that such an important SEO optimization thing would not work. But maybe I just got it wrong and there’s an easy way to do this?

Who else is using SEO, and how did you setup whitelisting of paths?

Ok. I looked at the code of the package, and it is indeed a very thin wrapper. I guess that everybody is just adapting that code and go for the npm package directly?

I copied the code and use the npm package directly now. Works.