[SOLVED] Meteor 1.3 beta v12 displays test info by default

I am trying out v12 of the Meteor 1.3 beta, which has some new testing features.

When firing up a default version of the app, I get the following:

I understand that this is work in progress, but I’d be curious to know what triggers the display of this and how to toggle it on/off. I guess I was surprised to see it display by default, rather than being triggered by a test command. I didn’t see it mentioned in the draft testing guide.

@tmeasday - perhaps you can shed some light on this?

Hi @andersr,

This is really just a bug in the current skeleton, and will be fixed in the next version. You can remove the practicalmeteor:mocha package from the app for now.

Sorry about this!

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Perfect, thx!