[SOLVED] - Meteor-accounts without Blaze

Is there a way to use meteor-account package without any Blaze dependency? I removed Blaze and I’m using React+static-html packages

The accounts package doesn’t have a hard dependency on blaze

I came here to ask this exact question.
For the sake of completeness and future reference, I’ll expand @reoh 's answer:

When I updated from Meteor 2.2 to 2.4.1 I started getting a lot of errors about Blaze and JQuery not defined.

By executing

meteor list --tree

(thanks to @robfallows recommendations) I could see what packages were demanding Blaze and JQuery. Those were:

  • accounts-ui
  • useraccounts:core
  • blaze-html-templates
  • boilerplate-generator

As far as I understand, these packages are all related to Blaze templates and ready-to-use account-related UI.

I found out that I had some imports wrongly used invoking some useless configs with these packages (Accounts.ui.config() and some other stuff).

Removing the packages and the imports, I discovered that in order to complete the Blaze-less setup, I needed to add another package:

meteor add static-html

That did it.
The only thing I really needed for account managing without Blaze was the accounts-base package.

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