[SOLVED] Meteor app running on docker

I’m running my app with Docker using mLab for my Mongo ddbb. I’d like to use another container with Mongo and link this with my app but I can’t figure out how can I do this.

So far I’ve created 2 container images running well separately: one for my app and another one with a mongo instance.

In my app container I had this env var:
MONGO_URL: mongodb://
But I got an error saying that it couldn’t connect so I run docker inspect [mongo_container_id] and I had a look to the JSON displayed and changed my env var with the IPAddress under NetworkSettings:
MONGO_URL: mongodb://

But now I get a different error (attached img):

I don’t get this running my app locally. Should I change my docker file?

FROM node:6.9

ENV ROOT_URL="http://localhost:3000"

RUN curl "https://install.meteor.com/" | sh

COPY . /usr/src/app

WORKDIR /usr/src/app

#RUN chmod -R 700 /usr/src/app/.meteor/local

RUN meteor npm install


CMD ["npm", "start"]

I also tried another way, linking both images with this: docker run --link mongo -P recipic (mongo and recipic and the names of my images). Found here: https://github.com/drobbins/docker-meteor-base
But I get this error:

Similar to: Docker Error with Meteor

Any ideas?

Working now after change FROM node:last
Was a problem related with Node version