[SOLVED]Meteor Autocompete (ternJs)

How to solved this error? i am using sublime text 3

Is this the build process crashing or something in ST3?

i install plugin and restart sublime text, when i write throw that error, sometimes it only comes out after installing the plugin

This seems to me like ST3 might be trying to watch too many files.

How do I avoid it? or correct it?

I would say that you’ll need to figure out if it’s ST3 that is watching the files, or if it’s a plugin and then use the wise and powerful Google to search up how to limit watched files.

1 - Go to the package “Meteor AutoComplete (ternJS)” installation directory
2 - Find the file “tern” in: Meteor AutoComplete (ternJS)/node_modules/tern/bin/
3 - Edit file “tern”(without extension)
4 - Find this function and add “**/node_modules/**” to the “dontLoad” array

function readProjectFile(fileName, type) {
// Slava: always use the same config for all Meteor apps
//var data = readJSON(fileName);
var data = {
“libs”: [
“loadEagerly”: [“**/*.html”, “packages/**/*.js”, “**/*.js”],
“dontLoad”: [ “**/.git/**”, “**/.hg/**”, “**/.svn/**”, “**/node_modules/**”],
“plugins”: {
“meteor”: {},
“node”: {}

5 - Open Sublime Text and Done.

Espero que les sirva a muchos.!

I’d also add .meteor/local to the dontLoad section too

@coagmano i’ll try :+1:

Is actually someone someone really make this work and see correct autocomplention on last Meteor version with this or another plugin on Sublime Text 3?