[Solved] Meteor.call not working after reconnect


As the title says, we have an app that seems to have stopped making Meteor method calls after disconnecting and reconnecting.

We make use of the nspangler:autorecconect package, which seems to be working fine as far as I can tell.
The app UI becomes disabled with a “waiting for server” dialog while disconnected (as it should) and then the dialog goes away when it reconnects. I get a client-side console log when the recconect happens and I also added a Meteor.onReconnect to my server to verify that the connection was actually happening (it is, but with a different id than the initial connection, if it matters).

I added some console logs and was able to determine that after the reconnect, the method called by Meteor.call was never firing on the server and I also was never making it into the callback on the client side.

I’ve tested in as many ways as I can think of:

  • calling Meteor.disconnect() and then Meteor.reconnect()
  • Manually turning off local development server as well as production server then turning back on
  • Turning off WiFi while connected to prod app and then turning wifi back on

Regardless of the method, the result is the same. After reconnecting, I am unable to call Meteor methods using meteor.call. It seems like they are never making it to the server.

I’m happy to provide any more information that I can.
Does anyone have any suggestions that I might try?



In a recent refactor, I had removed the default return statement from one of my publications accidentally. As far as I can tell, this completely broke the Meteor calls after a disconnect and reconnect.

Luckily I was able to roll back through recent commits and nail down a small set of changes that the issue seemed to stem from - I’m not sure how else I would have ever found it.

I hope my struggles can benefit someone in the future.