[solved] Meteor can't find folder 'both' after I moved all directories up one level

I decided to structure my Meteor application myself, in a way I seemed to be fitting. And after carefully reading through the guide about structuring, it looked like this way would be supported. But I’m having a weird issue with meteor not being able to find the ‘both’ folder after doing this.

Basically, instead of the original /imports/server, /imports/client/ and /imports/both I put it so it was /src/imports/[...], /src/client/[...] and /src/server/[...].

It can find the client and the server directory inside that new folder, but when I try to import /src/imports/both into /src/server/main.js it tells me it can’t find /src/imports/both


import '/src/imports/server';
import '/src/imports/both';

I’m running this on Windows so I know for sure there aren’t any folder permission conflicts.
Any insight on this issue would be appreciated!

I managed to solve the issue, turned out the ‘both’ folder had no index.js

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