[Solved] Meteor crashes instantly

New to meteor and trying to get a basic app running. After install, any meteor command (meteor create, meteor help, etc) results in “Killed: 9”. I’ve tried many different versions of Node (8.11, 8.15, lts) with no difference. How do i debug this? Has anyone else run into this problem? help!

Meteor installs and uses self-defined version of nodejs, when you tries different nodejs version you change version of system installed, but not one used by meteor. In overall, sounds like install process of framework was buggy for you. Did you already tried to remove it from OS and install once again?
P.S. For future questions, would be nice if you will post a little more info about you environment

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Can you post the output you see?

What OS are you on?

Thanks for the responses! Turned out to be a security issue with Cylance thinking that it was doing something naughty. We ended up whitelisting the package and everything worked magically. Thanks!