[Solved] Meteor Email package and default options

I’m using the Email package to send an HTML email. All clients but Apple mail are rendering fine. Apple Mail is just blank, when I check the source I see every attribute on an html tag looks like this:

<table cellpadd=3D"0">

Looks like Apple Mail is also treating each space with =20. I’m using meteorhacks-ssr to render my html emails and they’re showing up great in every client but Apple Mail.

Anyone encounter this before? Is this an encoding issue?

Also, is there an example of the headers object anywhere? Seems like the docs should at least have a full example of an email function.

UPDATE: It looks like the Meteor Email package doesn’t set any options for mailcomposer so it defaults to an encoding type of quoted-printable. Is there a specific reason for this on Meteors end? I’m not sure how I could set the option without modifying the package files. I can’t be the only one having this issue can I? From what I’ve read HTML email should be 8bit or base encoded no? Either way it seems like we should have the options object opened up for mailcomposer anyways.

After forking the meteor email package and opening up mailcomposers instance options, I still had the same issue. Blank email in Apple Mail. Then it dawned on me, I’m using meteorhacks ssr to render the template on the server. I had a template tag in there. Once I got rid of that, all is well with the email world again!