[SOLVED] Meteor.isServer unable to connect to remote server via ddp

Hi, I created a test application with meteor create test and have only modified the test.js file to look like this.

var conn = DDP.connect("http://www.asteroidbelt.io");
}, 5000);

If you run the above code you’ll see that the client can connect just fine but the server is unable to connect at all and is always stuck in waiting.

http://www.asteroidbelt.io is sitting behind an nginx reverse proxy but I didn’t think that would have any effect. Does anyone have any ideas what could be the issue?

Hi @khamoud

How you solved this?

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I had to allow a websocket endpoint on /websocket. Before I was just allowing websockets on /sockjs. /websocket is for server to server and /sockjs is for client to server.

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