[SOLVED] Meteor Methods and Calls - Method not found [404] Error


Hoping someone can assist, but I am currently issues using Meteor.call and Meteor.methods, which seems to be quite straight forward in a synchronous manner.

Unfortunately I am receiving the following error message:

Error invoking Method 'addEditingUser': Method not found [404]

My code is as follows:

On Client:

editor.on("change", function(cm_editor, info){            

  addEditingUser: function(){      

Any ideas pls?


This is a matter of your method not being recognized on the server. See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27739206/error-invoking-method-method-not-found-404

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Will try it out but also found this thread as well.

Just continuing on from the thread I posted in my previous post, I made the following changes to my code, i.e.

  1. I created two new directories within my root application folder:
  • lib
  • server

Within the lib directory, I moved all my Mongo collection creation into a new collections.js file, i.e.:

EditingUsers = new Mongo.Collection("editingUsers");

and within the server directory, I moved the following code into a new startup.js file, i.e.:

       addEditingUser: function(){
      return EditingUsers.insert({user:"tonyf"});

All good now.

Thanks for your help.

Can someone now pls let me know how to mark this thread as “SOLVED” ?

You should see a small pencil icon beside the title that let’s you adjust the title contents. I’ve gone ahead and done this for you.

Got it - thanks @hwillson