[SOLVED] Meteor not updating based on change to npm package source

Hey all,

I have a problem that looks similar to:

but for

I have npm packages installed that will not auto rebuild when I change the source files locally. For other non-npm local packages, the meteor app will rebuild and reflect the new source just fine.

I have tried "METEOR_WATCH_PRIORITIZE=false meteor ", as well as deleting both the package-cache and bundler-cache. The only way I can force a rebuild of the npm package is by using “meteor reset”, and then building everything from scratch. This work around is of course very time consuming and unworkable and I would very much like to solve the issue.

Perhaps I am simply misunderstanding how to rebuild local versions of npm packages, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I figured out the problem, I need to make a fork of the npm projects github repo and maintain my own version of this fork, otherwise meteor will always revert to the github version rather than local version.