[Solved] Meteor OSS CDN certificate has expired

Our CI/CD is currently blocked because meteor cerficates seem to have expired:

=> Errors while adding packages:
While downloading aldeed:collection2@3.4.0...:
error: certificate has expired
While downloading dburles:collection-helpers@1.1.0...:
error: certificate has expired
While downloading ddp-client@2.4.1...:
error: certificate has expired

anyone else experience this and knows a fix?

its already reported Package downloads not possible - the certificate of https://warehouse.meteor.com is invalid · Issue #11543 · meteor/meteor · GitHub

Resolving warehouse.meteor.com (warehouse.meteor.com)…
Connecting to warehouse.meteor.com (warehouse.meteor.com)||:443… connected.
ERROR: cannot verify warehouse.meteor.com’s certificate, issued by ‘CN=Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2,OU=http://certs.godaddy.com/repository/,O=GoDaddy.com\, Inc.,L=Scottsdale,ST=Arizona,C=US’:
Issued certificate has expired.

This was a problem in our CDN and it was already solved.

We’ve also added monitoring to this certificate to avoid this problem in the future.