[solved] Meteortesting:mocha with meteor 3


I am trying METEOR@3.0-beta.4. So far, my app works well but when I try to add meteortesting:mocha I have the following error:

meteor add meteortesting:mocha@3.1.0-beta300.0
 => Errors while adding packages:             
While selecting package versions:
error: No version of meteortesting:mocha satisfies all constraints: @3.1.0-beta300.0, @=2.0.2
Constraints on package "meteortesting:mocha":
* meteortesting:mocha@3.1.0-beta300.0 <- top level
* meteortesting:mocha@=2.0.2 <- top level

Any thoughts?


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When you run outside of a Meteor project the following command:

meteor --version

What is the result? if is not Meteor 3.0-beta.4 Could you mind doing a test?

Install globally the 3.0-beta.4 version by running (it will remove your current installation and add the 3.0-beta.4 as default**. be aware):
curl https://install.meteor.com\?release\=3.0-beta.4 | sh

Then try running it again.

**: If you do want to have 2 installations you can do like this:
mv ~/.meteor ~/.prev_meteor and when you are done testing with meteor 3.0 you can run rm -rf ~/.meteor && mv ~/.prev_meteor ~/.meteor

Outside a Meteor project, the result of meteor --version was Meteor 2.15.

I did the test but same problem.

I look deeper and I found that i have into the packages folder, ameteortesting:mocha version 2.0.2.
I removed it and the installation is OK.


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