[SOLVED] Monti APM Stuck on Configure Your App Screen

I have created an app in Monti APM and setup configuration in my local dev environment.

However, Monti APM is stuck on the ‘Configure Your App’ screen. I installed the package and added the config to my settings.json.

It says ‘Monti APM: completed instrumenting the app’ upon server startup. The ‘Configure Your App’ screen says data will be available in around one minute, but nothing is showing.

Does Monti APM work for local dev environments? Am I missing something?

maybe @zodern can shed some light

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Monti APM should work for local dev environments. If the agent finds the app id and secret, it will log Monti APM: Successfully connected in addition to Monti APM: completed instrumenting the app. Make sure you are using the --settings option when starting Meteor and it is set to the correct settings.json file.

Your settings.json file should look like:

  "monti": { 
    "appId": "<app id>", 
    "appSecret": "<app secret>" 
  // ...any other settings in your settings.json file

Let me know if this doesn’t help.

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Thank you, it’s working now! I am now seeing both messages in the console, not just the “Monti APM: completed instrumenting the app” message.

I had placed the config within a private key thinking that it would work:

"private": { 
    /* here */ 

Sorry to waste your time. I appreciate the help.

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