[SOLVED] My iOS App is not connecting to the Database


My App is working fine on the web and also on mobile, but the compiled iOS App doesnt connect to the database. The App shows everything hardcoded and loads the design, but no db stuff. I dont know how to debug. I tried to debug with Safari and an USB connection, but Safari does find the phone but not the app started :/. I craved these forums and the IRC channel for days…


If you’re running against localhost, check to make sure the device WiFi is on and connected to the same network as the meteor app. Otherwise this usually has something to do with a ROOT_URL mismatch.

Can you share the xCode logs you’re getting?


No im using an online Server that is working if i just type in the URL on the Mobile Safari Browser. Im a bit further now, since i deployed the same instance onto galaxy.meteor.com as an xxx.meteorapp.com domain and with that server it works. So either its because im using a custom URL or some enviroment variables are wrong, so it doesnt connect to the EU Server.


Sounds like a ROOT_URL problem. if __meteor_runtime_config__.ROOT_URL doesn’t match the mobile server URL the application is running on exactly, no data will come through. i.e if you’re using SSL, the url must be HTTPS.


Thanks very much.

was the problem. I had to run meteor build https://URL I just ran meteor build URL and I didnt thought the problem was the server since it could load the Navigation Bar and stuff.