(SOLVED)New install - errors during Angular tutorial

I am a real Noob, so I apologize for the question in advance. I am getting 2 errors after following the tutorial on Angular. “Error: angular package is missing” and “Error: Cannot find module ‘angular’”. I have reloaded the software several times in different areas but still get the errors. The super simple script will not run and shows a blank page. Current the file structure looks like this, http://screencast.com/t/W0UQQVuRYoH . Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Ralph


Based on your screenshot, under the node_modules I cannot see anything related to angular.

Before running your app, did you follow the following steps:

meteor remove blaze-html-templates
meteor add angular-templates
meteor npm install --save angular angular-meteor

Yes I followed the directions several times taking extreme caution in every step. I will try again, just to be certain and to report back.

I retyped every command. I did have a typo that I repeated over and over. Thank you. It works now. Perfect!

Good news :slight_smile: Have fun!