[Solved] New project using some older code, error "Uncaught TypeError: defineComponent is not a function"

Trying to make a new barebones project based on another I have (same dependencies/etc).

I’ve used the base tutorial project using “meteor create --vue projectname

Then I’ve added the dependencies required.

Now when I attempt to run the server starts no problem, but in client I get this error:


The routes.js line it’s pointing to is:

import Vue from 'vue';

The main.js line is:

import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor';

Any ideas on what might be causing this or how to diagnose? My original project is using the same Meteor version (most recent). Unsure why the new project isn’t playing nicely.

Found the issue, Vuex and Vue Router were installing the versions for Vue 3.

Resolved by installing vue-router@3 vuex@3