[SOLVED] Not Able To Download the Meteor in Windows

I believe the downloading of the tar file given is too slow from the mentioned link in install.js for installation of Meteor.
Please help me. I urgently need The Meteor in my Windows OS to develop the software.
Please provide an alternative link for the tar file if the problem with the above link can’t get fixed.

It may just have been a temporary error, try again. Out of curiosity I’ve just downloaded it from Europe:

292.37M 5.97MB/s in 56s

I am trying it since yesterday but the same error is being occurred. After 10 MB of downloading the downloading speed goes to 10kB/s and than download gets failed.

Can you please upload the file on Mediafire or Google drive and could provide a link? I would be really thankful to you.

Downloading at 2~5MB/s here… nothing wrong with it