[Solved]: Password forgotten process is broken

My “Password forgotten” process is broken. Whilst it’s asking for the email address and also sends out the URL with the token, the window to enter a new password is never showing. It jumps directly to the message that the password change was successful and the user can now login with the new password.

I’m trying to find out where it’s broken (was working fine before). Is the this modal from Meteor Account package?

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 16.14.54

I can’t find any reference to the button text “Email Reset Link” anywhere in my frontend code.

In my AccountsTemplates.configure({ I have the following settings in regards to passwords:

showForgotPasswordLink: true,
overrideLoginErrors: true,
enablePasswordChange: false,
confirmPassword: false,

None of these values were changed in over 2 years.

I will try to step through via the debugger to see if I can find out more but if you have any helpful comments that would be appreciated (still a Frontend newbie)

Have you changed routers? I think this only works for particular router(s) but if you use another one, you have to define your own logic.

No, still using Flow Router as per official Meteor guide recommendation.

I have done some changes to the public pages as I run an Electron app and Meteor is “exposing” a web version with full access to the data also for the web (which I want to avoid due to legal and security reasons - our Electron app deals with human genome data so privacy is a big concern).

I have currently confirmed through step-by-step debugging that it enters the checkResetToken function and then displays that the “Password reset” is completed.

So it’s missing the modal where the user enters the new password. If that’s not part of the Meteor account package then I might have altered accidentally the wrong code, ouch.

I have accidentally taken out the call to the resetPwd