[SOLVED] Prerender only renders spinner, not page after spinner

Hi, I am using the mdg:seo package as per SEO with Prerender | Galaxy Docs

When I hit a url, eg curl 'https://www.example.com/?_escaped_fragment_=' all I see in the returned HTML is the spinner… ie no other content after subscriptions etc etc

Any ideas on how I can get pre-render to work with this, pls?

Update: OK I see window.prerenderReady = false; am I right to say that I need to try and work out when all the subscriptions are done and then window.prerenderReady = true; ?

mmm, I have a number of possible nested subscriptions/sub templates on a page… is there an easy way to work out when all of them are done on the page?

Update: SOLVED, I think, had to add the fragment to the sitemap urls _escaped_fragment_= also added the ``window.prerenderReady = false/trueinto my render based on subscriptions being ready... I was thinking I could also do via atimeout`