[solved] Problem: meteor npm install --save bcrypt


➜  meteor-element git:(master) ✗ meteor npm install --save bcrypt

> bcrypt@2.0.1 install /Users/theara/Desktop/meteor-app/meteor-element/node_modules/bcrypt
> node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build

node-pre-gyp ERR! Completion callback never invoked!
node-pre-gyp ERR! System Darwin 17.4.0
node-pre-gyp ERR! command "/Users/theara/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/.1.6.1_1.ruwicj++os.osx.x86_64+web.browser+web.cordova/mt-os.osx.x86_64/dev_bundle/bin/node" "/Users/theara/Desktop/meteor-app/meteor-element/node_modules/bcrypt/node_modules/.bin/node-pre-gyp" "install" "--fallback-to-build"
node-pre-gyp ERR! cwd /Users/theara/Desktop/meteor-app/meteor-element/node_modules/bcrypt
node-pre-gyp ERR! node -v v8.11.1
node-pre-gyp ERR! node-pre-gyp -v v0.9.1
node-pre-gyp ERR! This is a bug in `node-pre-gyp`.
node-pre-gyp ERR! Try to update node-pre-gyp and file an issue if it does not help:
node-pre-gyp ERR!     <https://github.com/mapbox/node-pre-gyp/issues>
npm ERR! errno 6
npm ERR! bcrypt@2.0.1 install: `node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build`
npm ERR! Exit status 6
npm ERR!
npm ERR! Failed at the bcrypt@2.0.1 install script.
npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR!     /Users/theara/.npm/_logs/2018-06-05T03_09_59_296Z-debug.log

Pleas help me

now it work fine, after install
npm install node-pre-gyp

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This work too

meteor remove accounts-password
meteor npm uninstall --save bcrypt
meteor npm install --save bcrypt
meteor add accounts-password