[SOLVED] ReferenceError: __meteor_runtime_config__ is not defined

Please follow the below screen shot for the issue.I have searched every where but could not find any resolution.Any suggestion or help would be appreciated

We are seeing the same issue, running Meteor 1.9.3

do you have webapp package installed?

Hi Vijay, not sure if this applies to your situation, but this ended up being an issue on AWS - We use AWS WAF and the AWSManagedRulesLinuxRuleSet โ†’ LFI_URIPATH rule was blocking this file request. Disabling that rule fixed it.

Thanks for the reply.Please let me know where to disable LFI_URIPATH in aws console

Go to AWS WAF page โ†’ find the ACL that would control this application โ†’ Inspect the requests and find if indeed one of the rulesets is blocking that request. Then you can go to Rules, find that ruleset (in this case " AWSManagedRulesLinuxRuleSet"), click edit, and change LFI_URIPATH to โ€œcountโ€.

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This is the right solution.Thanks for the update