[SOLVED] Replies, Views, Activity stats not reactive?


I have to refresh the page when looking at the thread list to see these numbers update. Considering we’re using meteor, why not make these numbers live/reactive to the data source? Is it for performance reasons?


It is not meteor app. It is http://www.discourse.org/


Aaw, I excitedly but mistakenly thought it was an awesome showcase of Meteor. :’( That would be really aaawessoome. #wishlist


yeah I thought the same, hadn’t really come across discourse before.


Keep in mind a lot of the design here is intentional.

We could update this live, we have the info, its just that we are very worried about people feeling like the ground is shifting underneath them

One compromise / improvement I will make is “live updating” the blue circles (new/unread) which helps a lot in a multi tab based workflow.