[solved] Root Domain Redirect Ionos

Does anyone use Ionos? I am having issues getting my root domain working. Here is my setup:

I have a root domain of mydomain.app.

I have my app deployed on Meteor Galaxy hosting at www.mydomain.app. To make this work I have a CNAME record set up on IONOS. That works as expected.

Now I want to send my root domain to same app, which Meteor recommends can be achieved by redirecting the “root domain to your app subdomain and the result will be pretty much the same.” I used the “redirect” on Ionos, yet this is not working. I think this is an Ionos issue, but they have been remarkably unhelpful.

Problem solved. After Using Ionos support four times, the final chat I had they solved it. I needed to enable an SSL Cert on Ionos and not Galaxy for the root domain. Hope this helps someone!

Great to hear that. Would you please add [SOLVED] to your topic title. You can find the model in some of the older topics.