[SOLVED] - Running Local Meteor Package

Hi everyone - I’m having trouble setting up my project to use a local meteor package instead of a “remote” one. The meteor package I’m trying to use locally is a copy of meteortesting:mocha (so I can put my own logs into it).

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Git cloned the meteortesting:mocha repo onto my machine
  • Copied the repo into my project root folder with cp -r [PATH]/meteor-mocha **.**
  • Set METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS=./meteor-mocha

But when I run “meteor add meteortesting:mocha” (which is the name of my local package in ./meteor-mocha/package/package.js) it still adds the registered/online meteortesting:mocha package instead of finding my local one.

I also tried fooling around with the name of my local package (i.e. name:“meteortesting:mochalocal”) to differentiate it, but when I ran meteor add meteortesting:mochalocal it gives the error “error: no such package”

Does anyone know why this may be the case? I based my set up on this article

I’ve never tried setting METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS to point directly to the package path, so I’m not sure if that is supported or not. Usually METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS is set to the parent directory of the local packages.

Another option is to create a packages folder in the root of the Meteor app, and put the meteor-mocha folder in there.


your package needs to be in root/packages/your_package (same level with ‘imports’ or ‘node_modules’) with no need for a METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS env var.

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Thanks for the tips zodern & paulishca - however it seems to still not be working when I use that folder structure. Here I place the meteor-mocha folder inside root/package and it doesn’t find my package (which I’ve renamed “meteortesting:mochalocal”):

For good measure I also point $METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS at root/packages, which you can see in the terminal.

One thought I explored - maybe it’s having issues because of the structure of the meteor-mocha folder. As seen here, this folder has its package.js within a sub-folder “package”. Therefore, the folder structure to get to my local package’s package.js when I add meteor-mocha within root/packages is root/packages/meteor-mocha/package/package.js.

So I tried to add just the “package” sub-folder of meteor-mocha directly into root/packages (so package.js is found at root/packages/package/package.js) which made it find my local package, but gave an error re the ECMA package being used when I try to ‘meteor add’ it:

I tried taking out the ecmascript from api.use defined in the package.js of my local package, which allowed me to add the local package, but then gives an error regarding modules & imports (I assume because ecmascript is now missing) when I try to run tests with it as the driver:

Does this approach of adding just the “package” sub-folder of meteor-mocha sound correct and worth troubleshooting? Or will it need those “outside” files (i.e. package.json, test.sh, .circleci) to operate correctly?

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Ok, just uncomment the ecmascript and remove the package version ‘@0.15.1

Also, I am not sure whether you have the ecmascript package added to your Meteor packages. My projects are running with these installed versions of ecmas (on Meteor 2.7)


That worked! Thank you so much