[Solved] Same Meteor app under different domains

I have two web domains, a.com and b.com, and would like to use the same Meteor app to serve both of them. Depending on the host name, the app will slightly modify the app texts, so for a.com it would show “foo”, and for b.com it would show “bar”. I don’t need a separate database, my modifications can rely on the host name only.

I managed to get this up and running with mup, setting one app server and multiple, comma-separated domains.

However, I am experiencing an odd behavior of the app: Sometimes, it just keeps refreshing after the initial page load, as if Hot Code Push was delivering a new version. Sometimes, the app shows an older version that I had deployed before. It seems as if some weird caching is taking place.

What might cause this? Is Meteor tied to one host name only, somehow?

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I found the root cause: I have changed the app.name in the mup config, but did not stop the server before doing that. This caused two servers to run at the same time.