[solved] scrollToBottom function inside chat just working from sending tab

Hi, I was reading this tutorial rdickert meteor/-chat-tutorial, specifically for the used scrollToBottom function, seen here: Part 5 of this tutorial.

In the beginning I had this console error that said scrollToBottom is not defined - but I had so many failed attempts to fix it that I can’t recreate it. It’s not showing up anymore. However, the latest error I got was:

ReferenceError: duration is not defined
    at Blaze.TemplateInstance.<anonymous> (chat.js:150)
    at blaze.js?hash=51f4a3bdae106610ee48d8eff291f3628713d847:3398
    at Function.Template._withTemplateInstanceFunc (blaze.js?hash=51f4a3bdae106610ee48d8eff291f3628713d847:3769)
    at fireCallbacks (blaze.js?hash=51f4a3bdae106610ee48d8eff291f3628713d847:3394)
    at Blaze.View.<anonymous> (blaze.js?hash=51f4a3bdae106610ee48d8eff291f3628713d847:3487)
    at blaze.js?hash=51f4a3bdae106610ee48d8eff291f3628713d847:1845
    at Object.Blaze._withCurrentView (blaze.js?hash=51f4a3bdae106610ee48d8eff291f3628713d847:2271)
    at blaze.js?hash=51f4a3bdae106610ee48d8eff291f3628713d847:1844
    at Object.Tracker._runFlush (tracker.js:511)
    at onGlobalMessage (meteor.js?hash=857dafb4b9dff17e29ed8498a22ea5b1a3d6b41d:515)

It occurs on the ‘receiving end’, means, the tab that is not sending the message.

Everything worked fine so far - when I wrote a message inside the chatbox it scrolled down. However, after I tested it with 2 tabs open it just scrolled down from the tab I sent the message from. The other tab didn’t scroll down the chat-window.

I implemented it like so:

I pasted the function inside imports/api/chat/chat.js where I also export the messages-collection and other stuff:

var autoScrollingIsActive = false;
 scrollToBottom = function scrollToBottom (duration) {
  var messageWindow = $(".chatWindow");
  var scrollHeight = messageWindow.prop("scrollHeight");
  messageWindow.stop().animate({scrollTop: scrollHeight}, duration || 0);

Then, in imports/components/chat/chat.js I put the function inside the event that would send the message:

    'keypress #text'(event) {
      if (event.keyCode == 13) {

      const text = document.getElementById('text').value;
      const room = document.getElementById('room').value;
      const character = document.getElementById('char').value;

      Meteor.call('chat.start', text, character, room, fs, whisperTo, (error) => {
      if (error) { alert(error.error); } 
      else {
      // scroll-trigger from function => api/chat.js
      if (autoScrollingIsActive) {scrollToBottom(200);};           

In this state the function works, well, I would say just client-side. I also tried to put it on the onRendered-template of the message-template. But it was the same outcome. I tried to contact rdickert on github but sadly he didn’t respond.
I would appreciate it if someone could tell me why this scrollToBottom function is not working for those that didn’t send the message. Thank you!

Sorry, I found my error. I iterated the messages inside the message-template. Not inside the chatWindow-Template like instructed.

{{#each messages}}
{{> message}}