[SOLVED] Server startup takes more than a minute since Meteor 1.8


Hello everyone,

I’ve got a small problem with my Meteor dev environment…

When I start Meteor it runs up to this Point

user@user-desktop:~/path-to-project$ meteor
[[[[[ ~/path-to-project ]]]]]        

=> Started proxy.                             
=> Started MongoDB.

and then does nothing for 1-2 minutes…

This also occurs when I change server code. It does NOT happen when I change client code.

I checked my processes with htop and saw, that mongod is running the whole time eating up 85% of my CPU capacity… When CPU usage drops, meteor is back as usual.

I’ve read that meteor reset should help and yes it does… But as soon as I do a mongorestore the problem is back…

I can’t dev without that data so not doing the mongorestore is no option…

I hope you can help me! :0D

My dev environment is set up like this:

Meteor 1.8
Ubuntu 16.04
Core i5 3570


If I open another console while waiting for meteor to start, I can do meteor mongo and do stuff like find and update…

It seems mongo is running but something is preventing the meteor server from using it…


Ohhh! Sorry! We can close this thread!

It was my fault!!! With meteor is everything fine… I’ve forgotten a heavy routine in the init.js on the server side!