[solved] Share and clone over GIT?

Hey, I got stuck about sharing a project over a git and cloning it to make working…
The original project works fine but a cloned version is broken…

I uploaded entire project I worked on in GitHub
In different folder create new project
Clone git project and copy all files inside project
start meteor npm install

and the project does work same as original but files look good.

edit1 i cannot replay....

cloning way

So upload entire project to GitHub https://github.com/WeedDominator/AnimalTradingCards
and then try to clone it to test

git clone  https://github.com/WeedDominator/AnimalTradingCards.git 

cd AnimalTradingCards

meteor npm install

bcrypt@1.0.3 install C:\workflow\Udacity\test\AnimalTradingCards\node_modules\bcrypt
node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build

[bcrypt] Success: “C:\workflow\Udacity\test\AnimalTradingCards\node_modules\bcrypt\lib\binding\bcrypt_lib.node” is installed via remote
added 281 packages in 20.274s

and when I want to start a project I got an error

run: You’re not in a Meteor project directory.

To create a new Meteor project:
meteor create
For example:
meteor create myapp

For more help, see ‘meteor --help’.

@coagmano know its problem in me, and its problem I cannot figure out where

update 2

@chris74656 Thanks, man I feel dumb now… you helped me a lot.

@chris74656 @coagmano thanks for helping me

can you show us your .gitignore file? i’m not shure what’s best practice for which folders to check into your vcs but for my projects i don’t need to create a project before cloning. meteor npm i and meteor run is usually enough.

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Are there any git submodules or subtrees involved?

Are you getting any errors in particular?

Whatever this is, it’s not a Meteor issue. I’ve got dozens of meteor apps in git that clone and run just fine


Your project is missing the .meteor directory.
Again, i’m not sure if this is still best practice but the way i do it, is include the .meteor directory in my cvs.
Don’t list the .meteor folder inside your .gitignore file and you should be fine.


Ensure .meteor is present, as @chris74656 says. There should be a .gitignore inside which ensures the “noise” doesn’t get in your repo. Usually, that just contains


only node_modules/
a project URL https://github.com/WeedDominator/AnimalTradingCards

That’s the .gitignore in your app’s root folder. There’s also a .gitignore in the .meteor folder.